Custom Made Instruments

Here at Sabro Surgical, everything is made on order. Because of this, we have the ability to custom make instruments to your specifications. Don’t see the size you want in our catalog? Give us a call at +91 8700408583 or send us an email and we’ll make it for you!

Request Custom
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Describe your need

Contact your Account Manager with your custom part specifications, referencing the closest part from our catalog (or give a sketch/picture), with your preferred dimensions/changes. Through discussion, we will gain a firm understanding of your needs and share this information with our engineers.

Review + Approve

Within 2 days, your Account Manager will provide price quote. Within 1 week of receiving your PO, an engineered drawing of your custom part will be sent for your review and approval.

Receive Your Custom

Upon approval of your drawing, your custom part will be manufactured and shipped to you within 3 weeks from the day the purchase order is received.