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FESS Surgery Instruments Set Of 21

Sno.Product Name
1Antrum Trocar
2Antrum Cannula
3Suction & Irrigation Cannula
4Frazier Suction Cannula
5Masing Elevator Graduated
6Antrum Curette 
7Antrum Ball Probe Single Ended 
8Sickle Knife
9Giraffe Forceps Upward
10Nasal Sinus Scissors
11Antrum Punch Upward
12Antrum Punch Downward
13Thru Cut Punch Upward
14Thru Cut Punch Straight
15Antrum Punch Rotatable 360 Degree
16Blaksley Nasal Forceps Straight
17Blaksley Nasal Forceps 45 Degree
18Blaksley Nasal Forceps 90 Degree
19Mushroom Forceps Straight
20Mushroom Forceps Upward
21Antrum Grasping Forceps